X Factor’s Burgandy steals her chair – before being paired up with Panda Ross

X Factor 2018 contestant Burgandy Williams didn’t take no for an answer in tonight’s show.

This evening’s episode saw the Six Chair Challenge continue with Ayda Williams and the Overs.

Danny Tetley was the last to perform and wowed the crowd with his take on Jennifer Hudson’s And I’m Telling You.

Ayda decided to give him a seat, but with all her chairs filled it meant swapping one act out.

Ayda opted to swap out Burgandy, who took her chair and walked away with it across the stage.

Robbie Williams then interrupted: “Stop, bring your chair back to the middle, I’ve got an idea.

“I don’t want to see this talent leave this stage or country forever. What I want to do is Panda [Ross] to come up on here too.”

Panda, who was eliminated by Ayda earlier in the Six Chair Challenge, returned to the stage.

Robbie then unveiled his big plan: “Ladies this year I am the mentor of the groups and I want you two as a group with me.”

The pair then performed an impromptu duet cover of Never Enough from The Greatest Showman.

Ayda quipped: “We’re keeping it in the family, I love you girl so much. I’m so excited.”

As a result, Danny joined Giovanni Spano, Janice Robinson, Louise Setara, Ricky John and Olatunji Yearwood through to judges’ houses in the Overs category.

Meanwhile, Burgandy Williams and Panda Ross will form a brand new duo will perform at the Six Chair Challenge for the Groups category next week.

It’ll be up to Robbie to decide if he wants to keep them together and put them through to judges’ houses.

The X Factor 2018 continues Saturday and Sunday nights on ITV.

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