X Factor’s Ayda Williams confident she has the winner in her category

X Factor judge Ayda Williams is confident she has the winner in her category.

Ayda, wife of fellow judge Robbie, is in charge of the Overs category this year.

Ayda’s four finalists are Danny Tetley, 37 from Bradford, Giovanni Spano, 33 from London, Janice Robinson, 50 from USA and Olatunji Yearwood, 32 from Trinidad and Tobago.

Ahead of the live shows, she declared: “I’m really excited. I keep asking myself if I’m nervous yet because I haven’t felt nervous yet. I’m sure tomorrow I will.

“I think I’ve got the winner for sure, 100%. Listen, I’m going to put money on all of them, every single one of them.”

Ayda told ITV’s Good Morning Britain on Friday that she was taking her role as a mentor “very seriously”.

“I love them [my acts] as humans. They’re really nice. That was a really big thing for me. Robbie and I both like to work with people we like,” she said. “You’re spending lots of time and energy to be around people you vibe with. My four are the kindest, most compassionate, interesting contestants of the entire competition.”

Ayda went on to say that she felt her Overs offered something different to the music industry.

“I’m tired of the bottled up pop prince or pop princesses who come packaged in a Barbie or Ken doll and has perfect hair or perfect teeth and is 16,” she said. “I’m looking for something way more interesting than that.

“I think the world needs some heroes and some entertainers that don’t fit into that category, I think we have got to celebrate something that goes past the surface. I’m really proud of this category and I really think it’s important if they’re in a competition that they do well.”

The X Factor 2018 airs Saturday night at 8:25PM and continues Sunday at 8PM. Former winners Rak-Su will be performing on the live results show.