X Factor’s Alexandra Burke sick with nerves ahead of Strictly Come Dancing debut

Alexandra Burke says she’s sick with nerves ahead of her Strictly Come Dancing debut.

The former X Factor winner will make her first live appearance on the show next Saturday night with pro partner Gorka Marquez.

But despite her telly past, Alexandra says she “hates” cameras.

“I am nervous; it makes me want to throw up because my anxiety shoots through the roof when I think about live shows,” Alexandra admitted. “I know this is a really funny thing to say coming from someone who won a TV show nine years ago but I hate cameras.”

She explained: “I really don’t like them and I don’t think I ever will because I know what’s behind them is millions of people watching you.

“I’m nervous about the amount of people that view the show.”

Ahead of Saturday night’s first live show, the now West End star has said she was “honoured” to be invited to join the cast of 2017.

“I am taking part in Strictly because I absolutely love the show,” Alexandra said. “It’s a privilege and an honour that I have been asked because I never thought for a million years that I’d be able to get on the show that I’ve wanted to do for the longest time.

“Strictly is all about the fun, the families, it’s a great learning experience and I just want do my family proud.”

She added: “I’m a massive fan! The biggest thing for me that I’m looking forward to is walking down those steps, getting on the stage, of course the part that everyone always talks about and loves is the dresses, the outfits, the glitter and that all excites me but doing my family and my friends proud is a big achievement for me.”

Strictly Come Dancing 2017’s live shows start this Saturday night at 6:25PM on BBC One.