The X Factor v The Voice UK: Which should you apply for?

The X Factor and The Voice UK are both after auditionees for their next series on ITV, but which should you apply for?


While there isn’t anything stopping you actually entering both, with clashing filming this autumn you’ll only be able take part in the one series.

With closing dates for auditions approaching in July, which should you go for? We weigh up the two shows to help you decide…


The X Factor has a lower age limit of 14, whereas you need to be at least 16 to go on The Voice UK. For those younger interested in The Voice, there is The Voice Kids but auditions for that have passed for 2018.

Another thing to note is that where The Voice UK only accepts soloists, duos and trios, The X Factor allows groups of all sizes.

X Factor mobile auditions in Brighton
X Factor mobile auditions in Brighton

The Application Process

Applying for both shows is very similar: You can either upload a video and fill out a form online or visit a open audition locally to perform for producers in person.

Those that impress will be invited back to sing for the respective judges for the on air TV auditions later this year.


The Auditions

This is where the show’s start to differ greatly: The X Factor typically begins with its room auditions, meaning your first performance on TV will be in front of just the panel with no audience. This may be better if you’re a bit nervous, but then you will be singing just feet in front of Simon Cowell.

The Voice UK on the other hand will see you performing to the backs of the coaches, which may be easier, but also in front of a live audience. As always, it’ll be your vocals alone that count in getting through.

On The X Factor you’ll only know if you’ve made it through at the end of your audition when the judges vote but on The Voice a coach can turn at any moment and see you through, which can be a confidence boost if they spin early on in your song.

The X Factor also offers an advantage at the audition stages because there are no limits to how many acts the judges can say yes to, whereas The Voice coaches can only pick up to ten contestants each.

Teams v Categories

On The X Factor you’ll be put into a category based on your type of act (based on age, gender, soloist or group) and be assigned one of the judges as a mentor.

On The Voice UK, depending on who spins around, you potentially have free choice of all four coaches to team up with, but if only one coach spins you’ll have to join their team.

Ultimately, on both shows it’s the mentors/coaches who will decide on the acts who make the live stages…


Live Shows

The X Factor usually has ten live shows compared to The Voice UK which had just two live shows in its last series.

While The X Factor’s live shows make for the longer, harder and tougher experience, it also gives you more exposure to the public which helps career wise…

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Chances Of Career Success

No show can guarantee you’ll be a star but The X Factor has a much better history of doing so with its contestants.

To date, none of winners from The Voice UK have done much to write home about but most of The X Factor champs have gone on to enjoy years of success, in some cases globally.

Even those considered ‘flops’ have big careers away from the charts with Shayne Ward currently in Coronation Street and Joe McElderry in musical theatre.

Plus there is The X Factor live tour (The Voice’s tour was cancelled in the first series) which is a major experience and money maker.



So now it’s time to decide…

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