X Factor: Matt Linnen’s son is backing Kevin Davy White to win

Matt Linnen has revealed his own son is backing Kevin Davy White to win The X Factor.


As things stand six acts are left in the competition but only four will make it to the end.

Each of the remaining contestants will have the chance to impress the viewers at home this weekend, performing twice for the first time.

And in another first for this year, the contestants will all be singing together having performed in their categories up until now.

This evening, the acts will be celebrating the best of British music with the theme ‘Cool Britannia’.

x factor song choices semis

But dad of three Matt has revealed how his own son is unlikely to be backing him.


Speaking to The Sun newspaper, Matt said his children were instead supporting pal Kevin Davy White for victory.

Matt said: “It’s really nice. He’s (Kevin) probably my best bud in the house and on the show. I didn’t probe him (his son) for that, they’re Kevin fans and it’s cool. It’s nice.

“Initially, I didn’t want to get my kids involved with the whole X Factor thing but they’ve been getting behind it and they really want to get involved.

“So that’s why I had them in the VT and stuff plus I got to know the crew and stuff.

“When I speak to them, they’re like ‘Is Kevin there? Is Kevin there?’ He’s been speaking to them loads and stuff. ”

Matt Linnen.
Matt Linnen.

The X Factor 2017 continues this Saturday and Sunday night on ITV, starting at 7:30PM.


One act will be leaving at the end of each evening’s show.

Guests over the weekend will be Ed Sheeran and James Arthur.

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