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X Factor contestant duets with Robbie Williams singing Angels

Robbie Williams shared the stage with an act on The X Factor 2018 tonight.


The new judge got up on stage with Andy Hofton as the first round of try outs concluded this evening.

Andy is a Customer Service Advisor from Macclesfield who is very excited about this year’s panel.

“Robbie and Take That have inspired me so much,” he said.

For his audition, Andy sang an original track called Castle Of Love.

“I’m going to do a song that’s been in the making for 20 years and I did send this song to Gary Barlow,” Andy said of the track , “I don’t know why he’s taken 20 years.”


“You should’ve sent it to me. You’d have got a response from me,” quips Robbie.

However the track does little to impress Simon Cowell, who stopped Andy halfway through the song.

Asked for a second performance, Andy began to belt out Robbie’s Angels and it got the man himself on stage for a duet.

The audience were soon singing along, and even Simon Cowell joined in.

Robbie’s wife Ayda Williams reacted: “You sang one of my favourite songs with my favourite person, so it’s a yes from me.”

Robbie added: “You’ve come on with so much heart and you seem to have really, really enjoyed yourself. I’ m glad I’ve been entertained by you.”

One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson said: “I really enjoyed that. You put your heart and soul into it. It’s a yes from me. ”

And Simon concluded: “How can I say no to something which was one of my favourite auditions? I’ve got to say yes.”


With four yeses, Andy sailed through tot he next round.

The X Factor 2018 continues Saturday and Sunday nights on ITV.