X Factor bosses deny that Sam Black’s proposal was ‘fake’

X Factor bosses have denied that Sam Black’s proposal on last night’s show was ‘fake’.

Earlier this year, Sam sailed through his first audition with support from his girlfriend and their young son.

He didn’t apply for the show himself but rather was put forward by his girlfriend and mum to his newborn baby.

During the opening episode of this series, Sam teased to cameras that he would marry his girlfriend and he lived up to that promise with an X Factor proposal.

In Sunday’s show, Sam got down on one knee in front of not only the judges but also the HUGE live audience at Wembley Arena.

“Do you reckon I can get a yes off you?” Sam asked his girlfriend.

Sam’s girlfriend Emma told the Daily Mail: “It was one big shock, it was the last thing I was expecting. I was completely overwhelmed.

“He was nervous before the performance and I thought how he had to be nervous for this too. It was very brave of him.”

However some eagle eyed viewers suggested the whole thing was a setup after noticing that Sam’s girlfriend had a microphone attached to her.

But a spokesperson for the show insisted that the proposal was a genuine surprise and explained: “All friends and family that are sat in the audience are mic’d up as a matter of course, so audiences at home can enjoy their reactions to the auditions.

“Sam Black’s fiancé Emma Smith was completely unaware that he was planning to propose at Bootcamp.”

While the proposal was successful, Sam’s audition didn’t go so well with the singer being sent home and failing to make the six chair challenge.

The X Factor 2017 continues Saturday and Sunday nights on ITV.