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X Factor 2019 ‘set for a huge shake up with a new celebrity series’

The X Factor this year could look very different, according to reports.


In fact, it may not be The X Factor as we know it.

According to tabloid rumours, there are big changes going on behind the scenes of the singing show.

It’s claimed that the usual series inviting members of the public to compete for a record deal has been ditched.

Instead, a new celebrity series could be on its way.

Bosses originally launched an all-star edition of the talent contest back in summer 2006, following the first two regular series.

EastEnders actress Lucy Benjamin was voted the winner, beating the likes of Chris Moyles, Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee and, er, Gillian McKeith.


The X Factor: Battle Of The Stars aired over eight consecutive nights to decent ratings, attracting 6million viewers but did not have a second series.

Now, thirteen years later, it seems Simon wants to give it another go with a new celebrity based version of The X Factor this year.

A source told the Daily Mirror: “Imagine Strictly but with singers. That’s the plan being talked about at present. There is no doubt the X Factor format needs freshening up – this is it.”

The insider added: “Bradley Walsh was the biggest selling artist of 2016. They could find a similar type of celebrity not known for their musical skills – and make them even more of a star.”

Simon last year revealed his plans to bring back the Celebrity X Factor.

He told The Sun’s TV Magazine: “Celebrity X Factor wasn’t one of my favourite shows, but for some reason I do actually want to do it again.


Simon joked: “I’m hoping we’re going to do this soon. I’d like to mentor David Walliams!”

Sources have suggested that the Celebrity series would be used to give the main show a break, returning in 2020 as usual.

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