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X Factor 2018 contestants ‘face axe for breaking strict house rules’

Contestants on The X Factor are reportedly at risk of leaving the show if they break any of the house rules.


As usual, this year’s finalists in the live shows have moved into a massive London mansion where they’ll stay until the final.

And there are said to be some strict rules in place, including bans on drinking and sex.

A team of security is on call 24/7 to keep an eye on the group, reports The Sun, and there are “no second chances” for those caught breaking the rules.

“The rules are very clear and there’ll be no boozy parties – in fact no parties of any kind,” an insider claimed. “Sex is also not allowed. The contestants are there to work – not to live it up like pop stars because they haven’t made it yet.

“They have all be warned that booze and sex is banned and it is one strike and you are out rule – no messing about, no second chances.”

News of the bans surprised Ayda Williams, who is mentoring the Overs category this year.


“That is hardcore! That’s like penitentiary,” she told the Daily Mail. “Listen, I’d like to think with my Overs, that they’ve got their s**t together. Do you know what I mean?

“I think if they were 14 and 15 there might be some more rules.

“If I find out that one of them is getting sloppy, you know, out partying in the middle of the night, then there will be some issues with that.

“But I don’t get the sense that any of mine are party animals.”


The X Factor 2018 continues this Saturday and Sunday night on ITV.

The theme is ‘Guilty Pleasures’ and there will be performances from Little Mix and Kylie Minogue. Last weekend saw two acts leave as both Olatunji Yearwood and Armstrong Martin got the boot.

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