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X Factor 2018 auditions! The top performances from Week 3

Here’s a look at the top performances from Week 3 of The X Factor 2018 auditions.


Last weekend saw try outs for The X Factor this year continue with another pair of episodes on the Saturday and Sunday.

We’ve ranked the top auditions based on online hits and shares over the weekend and here are the top five in out countdown…

Georgia Burgess

Simon and Robbie were visibly impressed as soon as Georgia began her rendition of The Jackson 5’s ‘Who’s Lovin’ You’. The temporary recruitment worker’s powerful vocals won another standing ovation from the arena. “Absolutely effortless. How comfortable you are in your own skin makes us feel really comfortable too,” noted Robbie.

“The power you have is too much for my brain to comprehend,” joked Louis. “Out of everybody that we’ve seen, I’m gonna say it, that was my favourite. Great, great vocals.”

Lanya Matthews


Host Dermot O’Leary had plenty company watching Lanya’s performance of ‘And I Am Telling You’ from the sidelines, as she’d brought her whole family along to witness her big moment. The judges were stunned by the 17-year-old’s vocals on the Dreamgirls classic and joined the audience in giving her a standing ovation. “That was more than a performance, that was a statement,” remarked Simon.

“That is the biggest, most bad-ass performance we have had,” proclaimed Ayda. “As time goes on, it gets harder and harder to shock us, but you’ve just done exactly that,” added Louis.

Sephy Francisco

The Philippines have another representative this year in Sephy, who cites Beyoncé and Mariah Carey as her inspirations. Inspired by her faith, the call centre chose to sing a duet, ‘The Prayer’ – only to shock the judges when she sang Céline Dion and Andrea Bocelli’s verses in different tones. “Well, that was a surprise!” remarked Ayda.

“I’ve never judged a duo who’s one person, this is incredible! I save money, you make more money!” quipped Simon. “I loved that!”


Shan has been interested in music since childhoold, and has managed a career as a session singer – but now she wants to move in to the spotlight and achieve her dream of being a “great role model”. For her audition, Shan delivered a passionate rendition of Loren Allred’s ‘Never Enough’, from the Greatest Showman soundtrack.


“What you do vocally, with all the clever vocal inflections and riffs, is effortless,” noted Louis. “You are the strongest competitor we have seen yet, you are so phenomenal,” gushed Ayda. “When I am asked ‘how can you do these shows year after year’… it’s for moments like this. I was genuinely blown away,” added Simon.

The X Factor 2018 auditions conclude this Saturday and Sunday night on ITV.

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