Wolf start date confirmed for new BBC One crime drama starring Ukweli Roach

Wolf 2023 release date confirmed for new series

Wolf is the brand new drama coming to BBC One in 2023 with a start date now confirmed!

Based on Mo Hayder’s acclaimed Jack Caffery novels, the new series is written and adapted by Megan Gallagher (Borderliner, Suspicion).

A teaser shares: “DI Jack Caffery is a young man searching for himself. Obsessed with the neighbour he believes murdered his 10 year-old brother in the 90s, Jack finds himself trying to right the wrongs of others – but at what cost?

Juliet Stevenson and Owen Teale as Matilda and Oliver Anchor-Ferrers
Juliet Stevenson and Owen Teale as Matilda and Oliver Anchor-Ferrers

“In an isolated house in Monmouthshire, the wealthy Anchor-Ferrers family find themselves the victims of a psychopath’s cruel games, trapped and terrorised. When the two narratives collide, it’s a thrilling, nail-biting and deeply disturbing race against time.”

Wolf start date

Wolf begins on Monday, 31 July at 9PM on BBC One. The second episode follows the very next day on Tuesday, 1 August.

The series has six episodes.

You’ll also be able to watch online via the BBC iPlayer.

A teaser of the first episode shares: “The Anchor-Ferrers arrive at their Monmouthshire home, only to be met by a gruesome surprise. In London, DI Jack Caffery receives a clue that could lead him to their rescue.”

Ukweli Roach (The Midwich Cuckoos, Blindspot, Humans) has been cast in the lead role of DI Jack Caffery.

Also on the cast are Sacha Dhawan (Doctor Who, Marvel’s Iron Fist) as Honey, Iwan Rheon (Game Of Thrones, Riviera) as Molina, mismatched professionals forced together on a job; Sian Reese-Williams (Hidden, Line Of Duty) as DI Maia Lincoln, a woman with a case to prove; Juliet Stevenson (Out Of Her Mind, Bend It Like Beckham) as Matilda Anchor-Ferrers, an intelligent yet neurotic housewife, and Owen Teale (Line Of Duty, Game Of Thrones) as Oliver Anchor-Ferrers, Matilda’s wealthy and well-connected husband.

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