Winning Combination 2021 start date for series 2 confirmed with host Omid Djalili

ITV game show Winning Combination is to return for a new series this month.


Omid Djalili will be back to host brand new episodes from Monday, 27 September at 3PM on ITV.

The new format premiered in 2020 originally running for 20 episodes.

The show sees nine contestants competing against one another to be part of the Winning Combination.

Before the show, the contestants are each randomly assigned a number between one and nine. They then face off in a series of fast-paced general knowledge rounds to get themselves, and their number, through to the Final.

In the final round, the top four players come together to try and win the four-digit cash prize defined by their numbers.

But the numbers don’t just decide the prize money – they also determine the number of questions they must correctly answer to win.


Therefore the bigger the prize, the harder it is to win.

Host Omid explains: “Nine players are randomly assigned a number. It’s up to them to try and get themselves and their number into the final. The four that make it combine their numbers to make up the jackpot. It’s then a race against the clock. It’s quite simple and you’ll pick it up pretty rapidly.”

Teasing changes for series 2, he continues: “The new format is in the opening question. Before, I had to read out the six answers and then they had to choose a winning combination of two, but now it’s more dramatic – once the question comes up, the potential answers come out one by one, so there’s a bit more jeopardy.


“You’ve got to jump in more quickly – it’s a bit more dynamic. ”

Picture: ITV/Potato

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