Will-i-am defends spending The Voice UK live shows on his phone has defended spending most of The Voice UK live shows on his phone.


Some The Voice UK fans have had enough of ‘annoying’ on this year’s series, after six years in the show’s famous red chairs.

The Black Eyed Peas star has been a coach on The Voice UK since the first ever blind audition back in 2012 on BBC One.

But following tonight’s live show, viewers slammed the rapper for his ‘disrespectful’ attitude to performances, spending most of the episode on his phone.

“Will get off your phone and give respect to other acts !” one fan complained.

Another told him: “Very rude Will, that young girl sang her heart out and all the other judges applauded her except you, as you were too busy playing with your phone.”

A third added: “Its just plain rude show some respect. You didnt even applaude. Learn some manners !”


But he responded to the comments: “Tell everyone the same thing when they go to concerts now days….

“Try to go to a concert and see if people don’t hold up their phones or stream to people who can’t be there…

“It’s 2018 and connectivity is what music has always been about…”

However some people still weren’t happy.

One quipped: “You are a coach, on a programme that is been what you’re paid to do, coach. The crew will do the filming…?”


Will had also previously defended his mobile phone use, saying: “Twitter’s nice, it’s important for the show.”

The Voice UK airs Saturday nights at 8:30PM on ITV.