Why Rufus Hound signed up for Dancing On Ice this year

Rufus Hound has revealed the honest reason he signed up for Dancing On Ice.


The actor and comedian is one of twelve celebs on the Dancing On Ice 2021 line up.

On why he said yes to the show, Rufus admitted: “I wouldn’t have done this show for love nor money had it not been for the fact that the entire world stopped and everything I do to earn a living doesn’t exist.

“At the point that is true, if ITV ring me and say do you want to learn ice skating for 3 months and do a bunch of dances and be in people’s homes in the most miserable part of the year being part of a show that makes people happy and spreads joy, is something people watch as a family then my choices are I can do that or sit at home feeling massively depressed. Or wait for something doubtlessly less joyful to turn up.

“So, why I’m doing the show is for money because I haven’t been able to earn any money and I have a mortgage and a family.

“That doesn’t mean I’m not looking forward to it and it doesn’t mean I don’t want it to go well.”

He added: “I might be the one person in the mix who is like ‘no I am unemployed, I don’t want to do this, I am doing it because I have to try and find a way of earning money’ and then in week two when it starts going well or week four when I land a perfect score or whatever then the story may change – look at this dope who turned up saying this isn’t what I wanted to do and NOW look at him go with his jété and his spin!”


On his fears, Rufus said: “I think it’s probably pretty obvious to anyone who has seen my silhouette that physical exercise and I have remained cordial but unfamiliar.

“Taking part in a show that traditionally requires so much physical prowess is obviously something that doesn’t immediately feel like a natural fit BUT you only get fit by doing exercise.

“With the world as upside down as it is, being able to do some exercise and have a reason to get out of the house is very welcome. I look forward to the inevitable fitness benefits that come.”

He added: “I am terrible at being self-motivated but if you give me a job where I have to be fitter or stronger then I’ll get fitter and stronger.

“If there’s not a pay check at the end of it then why would I go to the gym when there are pubs?”


Dancing On Ice 2021 airs Sunday nights on ITV at 6PM from 17 January.

Picture: ITV