Who’s on Celebrity MasterChef 2023 tonight? This week’s second line up of celebs revealed

Celebrity MasterChef 2023 continues tonight with the second heat.


The brand series launched last week, featuring a host of famous faces from the realms of music, comedy, drama, and show business, all vying for the coveted title of Celebrity MasterChef 2023 Champion.

Across six weeks, judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace will embark on a culinary adventure, subjecting their taste buds to a sensory assault course.

Max George cooking.
Celebrity Masterchef S18: Max George cooking. Credit: BBC/Shine TV/Production

This week sees the first heat and, the spotlight is on five remarkable celebrities ready to take on the culinary challenge.

Those taking part in Celebrity MasterChef 2023 this week are TV presenter and entertainer Dave Benson Phillips, musician Max George, radio broadcaster Remi Burgz, comedian Shazia Mirza and award-winning comedian and broadcaster Terry Christian.

The initial task for the five aspiring contenders is Under The Cloche. In front of each celebrity rests a cloche, concealing a distinct ingredient. Armed with access to a well-stocked larder, the celebrities are tasked with crafting a single dish highlighting their ingredient, aiming to showcase their potential to the discerning judges.

With a tense atmosphere and slightly over an hour on the clock to craft their culinary masterpiece from scratch, the participants must think swiftly to win over the judges.

Subsequently, in the ultimate examination of culinary ingenuity, the celebrities are tasked with preparing their Dinner Party Dishes – a main course and a dessert tailored to impress a guest – all within a tight time frame of one hour and fifteen minutes.

The contestants work feverishly in a final bid to substantiate their skills to John and Gregg, as the culmination of this challenge will determine the departure of one contender.


Those who make the cut will make it into the next round, one step closer to becoming Celebrity Masterchef winner.

Celebrity MasterChef airs this week on Wednesday, 9 August at 9PM; Thursday, 10 August at 8PM and Friday, 11 August at 9PM.