Who’s on Celebrity MasterChef 2023 tonight? This week’s last line up of celebs revealed


Celebrity MasterChef 2023 continues this week with its final of fourth heats.

The new series welcomes a super star line up of celebs from across music, comedy, drama, and show business, each seeking to claim the title of Celebrity MasterChef 2023 Champion.

Across the 2023 series, John Torode and Gregg Wallace will be back to judge the celebs on their culinary adventure.

Dianne Buswell cooking
Celebrity Masterchef S18: Dianne Buswell cooking. Credit: BBC/Shine TV

As the heats come to a close, five more well-known personalities enter the kitchen to take on the culinary challenge.

Those on the line up of the last heat are actors Amy Walsh and Michael Praed, rapper and philanthropist Apl.de.ap, professional dancer Dianne Buswell, and reality star Luca Bish.

The initial task, titled Under the Cloche, presents each celebrity with a concealed ingredient under a cloche. Armed with access to a well-stocked larder, the challenge requires them to craft a single dish highlighting their assigned ingredient. With nerves running high and just over an hour at their disposal, the contestants must think quickly to impress the discerning judges.

In the ultimate test of culinary inventiveness, the celebrities face the task of preparing their dinner party dishes within a tight timeframe of one hour and fifteen minutes. Working tirelessly, they strive to impress John and Gregg and secure their spot in the competition’s next phase.

Amidst the pressure, which contestant will shine and demonstrate the skills, creativity, and flair needed to advance further in this culinary competition?

Amy said: “This is the most petrifying thing I’ve ever done. But mainly I love cooking and I’m obsessed with food. ”

Apl.De.Ap shared: “I like a good challenge and I also like to learn new things. Plus I’m here for some friendly competition.”

Dianne added: “My family are all very good cooks and I want to go home and say to my mum ‘I think I’m a better cook than my brothers now!’ That is the aim of the game.”

Luca Bish cooking.
Celebrity Masterchef: Luca Bish cooking. Credit: BBC/Shine TV

Lucas commented: “I really want to learn how to cook. I’m 23 now so I want to be a bit more independent and I love the reaction you get when you cook a good plate of food for someone.”

Michael said: “This is a reality show that is actually affirmative. They’re not there to rip you to pieces. Plus, it’s a competition and I like competitions. ”

Those who make the cut will make it into the next round, one step closer to becoming Celebrity Masterchef winner.

Celebrity MasterChef airs this week on Tuesday, 22 August at 9PM; Wednesday, 23 August at 9PM and Friday, 25 August at 9PM.