Who’s Joey on The Circle? Age, Instagram and all about his ‘Femi’ persona!

All about Joey on The Circle 2021

The Circle 2021 is currently airing on Channel 4 – meet new contestant Joey here!


Joe Alabi is one of two new players who enters The Circle this week.

26-year-old Joey is a Entrepreneur from London who is playing as a Nigerian immigrant version of himself called Femi.

Meet Joey

Joey explains: “I thought it would just be a good kind of thing for me to be able to touch on the fact that there are a lot of immigrants in the UK that move away from different countries seeking a better life to support family back home.

“I thought that would be a good thing to highlight. And I kind of love the show anyway. I’ve watched the last two seasons. I thought it’d be fun.”

He adds: “Even though there’s a part of the story that’s different to who I am, I’m still going to have the same attitude. I’m still going to be the fun, easy-going, talkative individual that I am. The person who likes to build relationships, who likes to give and offer advice to people as well. I think my main strategy is building relationships along the way.

“I’ve got people all around me in my family that have been in this situation. My dad lives in Nigeria and I go to Nigeria every year. I feel I know the story very, very well. I know the character very, very well.


“I think the story resonates with me in the sense that my parents were immigrants. I feel like I’m connected to the story more than I would be as a catfish. I have so many people around me who have gone through this experience.

“I still wanted the real me to shine though. I want the other players to see me. I want them to see the way I talk, see the way I reason about things and see the way I play about things. I think that will be key to how I strategize around the game.

Joey concludes: “I think most importantly there’s more that connects us than separates us as individuals and as humans. I think everybody is in search of a better life for themselves and their families. I want the other players to get that too. They’re not seeing me physically. T

“hey’ll just believe they’re talking to Femi, who is from Nigeria, but I hope they’ll still find that there’s still a lot about this person that they can connect to. I want them not to think ‘This person is from another country so they might not understand this’. We’re still humans. We’re still all one. I think it’s the diversity and the differences in all of us that make us who we are and make the world what it is.”

Follow Joey on Instagram and Twitter

You can follow Joey on Instagram @joeythegeneral where he has over 2,000 followers.

Joey is also on Twitter under the username @JoeyTheGeneral and TikTok @joeythegeneral

Joey says: “I think when I first started using social media, I was very introverted. I wouldn’t post a lot; I wouldn’t share a lot. But then I see social media as a community, and a community that I can control. So I choose who I follow, I choose who follows me, I choose who I converse with and who I relate with.

“I am very extroverted in life. I am still myself on social media, but intentionally myself. All the things I share are things that I’m comfortable to share.”


helmed by Emma Willis, The show also welcomes narrator Sophie Willan.

The Circle 2021 airs on Channel 4 Sunday to Fridays . You can watch online via All 4.

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