Who’s James on The Circle? Age, Instagram, and all about his ‘Gemma’ persona!

All about James Crossley on The Circle 2021

The Circle’s third series is currently on Channel 4 – meet contestant James aka Gemma here!


James Crossley is one of nine original players on season 3 of The Circle UK.

The 47-year-old Strength and Conditioning Coach from London previously appeared on Gladiators from 1993 to 2000 as Hunter.

Now he’s on The Circle, catfishing as a nurse called Gemma!

Meet James aka Gemma

“I’ve tried to make her as close to me as possible,” James says of his catfish persona. “She’s from York, I’m originally from York, her parents own a gym and a yoga studio. And I’m a strength coach, and a yoga teacher. The fact that she’s a nurse, could potentially be one big blip.

“Originally when I thought about someone who’d be the most popular person, I was doing a clap for the NHS every Thursday. I want to do my best to pull it off and get some money for the NHS. I’ve done a fair bit of research, talking to various nurses. But it just takes one question that throws me, and it’s just how well I can swerve it.”

On how the other players may react to finding out the truth, James continues: “It’s not like people are walking in blindfolded. They all know that there’s catfish in there, it’s transparent so I don’t really see why somebody would kick off. But it’s hard to know because I’ve never been in this bubble-like situation to see and understand how connected you get to people.


“I also feel that I’m using the nurse aspect of my catfish for the right reasons. The NHS have patched me up countless times over the years. They are absolute heroes and that has been highlighted hugely through this pandemic. I want to win for them.”

He adds: “I’ve tried to research all the areas; I’ve spoken to a few nurses including my cousin Marie to get a skeletal plan on how they live. I’ve talked to a few girls about girly chat, how they say hello, the kind of emojis and hashtags they use, the kind of makeup they’d wear, the hair product they’d use, the kind of skin routine, so I’ve tried to get as much knowledge as possible.

“It’s hard to get out of your own mindset, I just need to think before I type basically. That’s the motto, that’s what I’ll write in big letters on the wall!”

And when it comes to the prize money, James plans to share any winnings.

He says: “I’d give half the money to the nurses in York hospital, just because I want to give something back. However far £50,000 will go with however many nurses there are, I’d like to win for them. The rest I would split with the players who get to the final.”

Follow James on Instagram

You can follow James on Instagram @mrjamescrossley where he currently has 30,000 folowers.

James says of being on The Circle: “I’ve always been somebody who’s enjoyed different challenges, I started off bodybuilding and then I went into Gladiators. After that I went into acting and competing in strongman. Most of the challenges I’ve done have been quite body crushing.

“I think The Circle will be an interesting challenge to try and get away with playing somebody else, it uses different muscles to what I’m used to. I also really want to take this opportunity to give back to NHS nurses, winning the prize money would give me the chance to show my gratitude for all their hard work.”


The Circle is fronted by Emma Willis with features voice-over comic Sophie Willan.

The show airs on Channel 4 . You can catch up now with All 4.