New Channel 5 show Who Will Love My Doggy? to find old dogs new homes

Dog laying on grass

Channel 5 is to launch a new show to find loving new homes for dogs whose previous owners can no longer care for them.


Titled Who Will Love My Doggy?, the series will follow the search for homes for senior pets who need to be re-housed when their owners can no longer look after them.

Each episode of the show features three unique stories, beginning with an intimate look into the lives of a dog and its owner. The narrative unfolds with the owner, or in some cases a surviving family member, sharing the heartfelt reason behind the decision to find a new home for their cherished pet.

These dogs are then taken to the show’s New Home centre, operating in partnership with the Jerry Green Dog Rescue. This centre is renowned for its innovative ‘Meet and Match’ scheme, dedicated to placing dogs with adoptive families who need them.

At the heart of the process is a team of skilled dog matchmakers. They engage with each dog, gathering detailed histories and insights. Armed with this information, the matchmakers then retreat to their incident room to meticulously search their database for potential new owners who might be the perfect fit.

The next phase involves inviting prospective families to the centre for a crucial meet and greet session. Both the our centre and the dogs engage in a thorough evaluation of these potential new owners, determining if there’s a natural connection. The goal is to discover whether it’s a harmonious match or if the chemistry just isn’t there. In cases where the matchmakers feel the family isn’t the right fit for the dog, they go back to the drawing board. The search continues, bringing in other families for potential meetings, all in the hope of finding that perfect match.

Dan Louw, Commissioning Editor, Channel 5 & Paramount + said: “It’s time for Britain to show some love to the pooches who need it most. We should all stop buying dodgy designer breeds, and instead provide a safe, loving home to these true national treasures of the pet world. Who Will Love My Doggy? will be an ultimately uplifting emotional rollercoaster, and might be the only programme idea that has (almost) made me cry in a pitch meeting.”


Sam Grace, Creative Director & Executive Producer at programme makers Boom added: “Boom is delighted to be working again with Channel 5 on this highly emotional series that highlights the importance of finding new homes for much loved dogs whose owners can sadly no longer care for them. The UK is a nation of dog-lovers, and from our base in Wales we are excited by the opportunity to create a heart-warming series that will appeal to all.”

Who Will Love My Doggy? is coming soon to Channel 5.

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