Where’s Warwick Davis on Tenable? Why Sally Lindsay is hosting ITV show

It’s all change on ITV’s Tenable – here’s why Warwick Davis isn’t currently hosting the show.


From Monday, 12 April, Sally Lindsay is hosting the afternoon game show.

She’ll be fronting 25 episodes of the latest series, splitting hosting duties with Warwick.

As for where Warwick is, he explained to fans on Twitter: “Sally is stepping into my hosting shoes for a run of shows while I’m in pre-production for another project.

“With this change, You can be assured of 2 things – the jokes won’t be as bad and the show will have a touch more glamour! Thanks for your continued support. Cheers!Break a leg Sally! x”

One reason Warwick may be missing is due to his work on Disney+’s upcoming Willow series which will see the actor reprise his role of Willow Ufgood.

Sally shared: “I’m a huge fan of Tenable and am delighted I’m able to share the presenting responsibilities with Warwick.

“The demands of his workload meant that he wasn’t able to record every show in the series.”

Ahead of taking over from Warwick, Sally revealed his words of advice: “He said just be in tune with the people, it is the public who make this show what it is.”


Sally added: “I’m very relaxed about it I think. I felt very at home on a gameshow set weirdly and loved getting to know the contestants.”

Tenable airs weekdays at 3PM on ITV and ITV Hub.

First launching in 2016, Tenable has aired five series to date as well as a Celebrity version featuring famous faces as contestants.

In each episode, a team of five compete to give as many answers as they can to answers with ten possible correct answers – for example, ‘Top Ten Selling Spice Girls Singles’ or ‘First Ten US States When Listed Alphabetically’.

Over five rounds, players must give at least five questions right to bank £1,000 with £25,000 on offer for all ten correct answers.

They then head into the final round where they face one last question which they must give all ten answers to in order to win their jackpot, which can be as much as £125,000.


You can catch up with the latest episodes online now via the ITV Hub here.

Picture: ITV