Whale with Steve Backshall comes to Sky Nature and NOW

Steve Backshall is to dive deep in new oceanic adventure Whale with Steve Backshall.

Adventurer and conservationist Steve Backshall is set to grace television screens once more in a new Sky Nature series, Whale with Steve Backshall.

The series will premiere on 3 December 2023 on Sky Nature and NOW streaming service.

After the successful Shark with Steve Backshall, this four-part sequel invites viewers to plunge into the ocean depths alongside Backshall as he free dives with whales and dolphins. The series promises up-close encounters with these majestic creatures, showcasing behaviours seldom witnessed by human eyes.

Audiences will be transported into the watery realm of sperm and humpback whales, intelligent orcas, and playful bottlenose dolphins. The show will delve into their intricate social structures, innovative hunting strategies, and familial bonds, paralleling human connections.

Backshall, also a Sky Ocean Hero Ambassador, collaborates with leading marine scientists to address the pressing issues of overfishing and the ocean’s health. The series highlights the adaptability of these mammals to their rapidly evolving habitats and emphasizes the critical role whales play in maintaining marine ecosystems.

Steve Backshall commented on the new series: “The surface of the world’s ocean is the hottest it’s ever been – our sea life is in danger and we need to take urgent action. Visting the habitats of these remarkable mammals put into sharp focus how integral they are to our oceans’ health and why we must do everything we can to reduce threats to their existence.”

Poppy Dixon, Director Documentaries and Factual for Sky added: “We’re thrilled to be launching this stunning natural history series with Steve Backshall – a remarkable free-diver with world-class expertise in ocean life, Steve is the perfect guide to take audiences on this eye-opening journey amongst the whales and dolphins of our planet.”

Whale with Steve Backshall airs on Sky Nature and streaming service NOW on Sunday 3 December 2023

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