The Only Way Is Essex spoilers! New series starts with confrontations galore

The Only Way Is Essex returns to TV tonight and here’s a spoiler-filled preview of this evening’s show.

TOWIE returns with an hour-long special from 9PM on ITVBe tonight.

The Essex brigade are back with a bang as a brand new series kicks off with half of the cast hot footing it to Barcelona, but as ever the drama and conflicts are fast to follow them…

Amber T is once again despairing over Dan Edgar when Yaz drops a bombshell about Dan’s connection to new girl Clelia. With rumours rife over Dan’s behaviour, Clelia takes a brave step when she calls Amber T to give her side of the story, but how will Amber T react?

Lockie causes ructions when he confronts Chloe Lewis and Chloe Meadows over comments they have made about his relationship with Yaz, and before long the conversation has escalated into a full blown argument, with Chloe Lewis giving as good as she gets. With Yaz breaking down in tears, is another Essex couple in trouble?

Pete and Shelby get to know each other, but there’s an unexpected twist when Diags confides in Chloe S about his own hidden feelings for Shelby. When Chloe S fills Pete in on Diags’ surprise confession the next day at lunch, is this about to put a spanner in the works for Pete and Shelby’s blossoming romance?

There’s two new boys on the block, Dean and Jordan, with Dean taking a shine to Lauren Pope. Meanwhile, with unresolved animosity between Dean and Jon Clark, the two address their differences out in Barcelona. But before long both Lauren and Georgia are dragged into the discussion, with tempers flaring.

Arg and Gemma’s long running on/off romance is back in conversation, and Chloe S is eager to get the lowdown from Gemma.

The drama continues in The Only Way Is Barcelona on Sunday 25th March at 9pm on ITVBe.