The Wave: Rylan Clark-Neal hosts new swimming based game show

Rylan Clark-Neal will host a new swimming based game show called The Wave.


The series, which will air on UKTV’s W channel later this year, will involve pairs of contestants.

One will stay on land with host Rylan while the other will head out into open water.

One contestant will have to swim out to pontoons in order to answer questions to win money but will find themselves weight down by rocks if they get an answer wrong.

They’ll then have to return to the shore against the clock in order to win win the cash prize.

A source told The Sun: “Swimming out in open sea is tough enough as it is.

“But a bag full of rocks could really end in tears for those taking part.

“Show bosses will be watching nervously, hoping contestants don’t get in too much bother before the safety boat intervenes.”

Rylan said of the show: “It’s sunny, it’s sexy and it’s funny. What more could you want?

“I can’t wait to work with an amazing team, playing a really fun game and can’t wait to meet our brave contestants who are going to be taking on The Wave.”

In a new trailer, above, Rylan introduces the show and its first contestants.

Alongside Rylan, Olympic swimmer Keri-anne Payne will also appear on the show alongside the competitors.

Who will get back to dry land in time to win the cash?


The Wave will air on W soon with 10 episodes lined up.

The Wave starts Monday 15th January at 8pm!

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