Watch Alan Carr join the Messoudi Brothers for surprising Royal Variety performance

Alan Carr joins the sensational Messoudi Brothers on stage at The Royal Albert Hall at the Royal Variety Performance this weekend.


The Royal Variety Performance airs this Sunday night (19 December) at 7:20PM on ITV and ITV Hub.

Comedian Alan will host the annual special, in front of an audience including The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

And as well as presenting, Alan joins the Messoudi Brothers for an impromptu performance after showcasing his new ‘lockdown bod’.

Watch a clip below…

Alan says hosting the Royal Variety Performance is a “dream come true”.

He explains: “I’ve performed on the show twice before, once in Cardiff when it was the first time I’d ever done it and then the second time at the Royal Albert Hall and I was dressed up as Ashleigh, David Walliams was Pudsey the dog.


“I just love the show and it’s absolutely mad because of who you are rubbing shoulders with and then of course The Royals will be there and that adds another level of nervousness. It’s a very unique night but you just throw yourself into it and make sure you give the best performance you can.”

Speaking about chatting to The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, he added: “I’ve never met them before so that was really exciting. When they chatted to me afterwards I got the impression they had really enjoyed it and they were really nice and I was having a laugh with them.

“It was really nice and we were talking for a while so it was really sweet.”

As for what to expect from the show, Alan shares: “There are lots of surprises and there is something for everyone. From the soul of Gregory Porter to the legend Rod Stewart, from Ed Sheeran to James Blunt, great comedy and acrobatic surprises, it’s such great show.

“The great thing being there is you see how all the rehearsals go and how hard everybody works. You see the acrobatics doing their thing, you see the stand-up comedians coming out and practising their jokes, you see Rod Stewart rehearsing and Ed Sheeran. There was a real camaraderie and a real buzz because everyone had a good one.

“Normally you get someone who feels it hasn’t gone well or they forget something but everyone had a good one. There was a real buzz that we all had and we were all just cheering everyone on, it was just brilliant.

“I think it’s just perfect to the run up to Christmas. I don’t know if it is just that awful lockdown but people are just so up for it. I am on a tour at the moment and the love and the cheers you get when you come on stage is amazing.


“I feel there is this collective feeling that we’ve all been through something very unique, something grim and when I came out on stage at the Royal Albert Hall I just thought this is something special, there is a buzz in the air, this is going to be good. It felt very modern and up to date and there was something for everyone and they got it just right.”

The Royal Variety Performance, Sunday, 19 December at 7:20PM on ITV and ITV Hub.