Watch adorable otter pups on the Secret Life Of The Zoo

Adorable otter pups from Channel 4’s The Secret Life Of The Zoo are proving too cute.


Asian short-clawed otter Annie recently gave birth to an unusually large litter of five pups – but she seems more interested in playing with stones than her parenting duties.

Bo, the smallest pup in the litter, is struggling to keep up with his siblings.

Then one afternoon Bo is nowhere to be seen in the paddock, and dad Wallace must launch a search and rescue operation.

Fortunately, Bo is picked up by dad safe and well after over half an hour on the run.

The Secret Life Of The Zoo – filmed at Chester Zoo – continues Wednesday nights at 8PM on Channel 4.


In this week’s (April 25) show, african painted dogs K’mana and Ville were thrown together as a breeding couple after the dominant female died.

But K’mana was never Ville’s first choice as partner and still carries a limp from her battles with Ville’s previous mate. Now she’s pregnant with Chester Zoo’s first ever litter of this rare and endangered species.

It’s vital that they thrive, but will the couple pull together to ensure the survival of their offspring?

Meanwhile, Okapi couple Dicky and Stuma are going through a lull in their relationship, with Stuma showing more interest in food than in Dicky’s lacklustre advances.

Keen to help rekindle their spark, keeper Gareth separates them in the hope that absence will make the heart grow fonder.

Before the big reintroduction, Gareth gives Dicky a makeover, but at the last minute Stuma falls ill and an emergency team of specialist vets have to be called in.

Atlas moths Dave and Simon only have five days of life after hatching at Chester. Their sole purpose is to mate, but there are no females in sight.


The race is on for a female to hatch and catch their attention before their short lives end. As Lynda emerges can either suitor capture her heart before it’s too late?

Secret Life Of The Zoo, 8PM, Wednesdays on Channel 4