The Voice UK’s Lucy Milburn reveals Britain’s Got Talent rejection

Lucy Milburn has revealed she was previously turned away from Britain’s Got Talent.


The 20-year-old from Sheffield is one of eight contestants currently left on The Voice UK.

However the series isn’t her first attempt at stardom, previously auditioning for the show four years ago.

And before that, Lucy says she auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent.

Lucy said this week: “I did weddings and birthday parties, but compared to many people on the show, I’m quite inexperienced. I feel like I have more to prove because of that.”

She revealed to OK! Magazine: “I auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent when I was 11 and The Voice at 16, but never got to the TV stage. I’ve always been judged on my weight and I know that I haven’t got the look of a popster.

“So I loved the fact there were blind auditions and people take what they want from your voice, as opposed to how you look, I went to change the stereotype of what a pop star should be.


Meanwhile, Lucy says she hopes to win The Voice UK to help pay back her parents.

She said: “I need to pay my mum and dad back. They’ve shelled out so much for me to buy kit to perform with and help me travel here, there and everywhere.”

Tonight will see Team Tom’s Lucy singing in the first live show of the series.

Also in The Voice UK live shows for Team Tom is 18-year-old student Ruti Olajugbagbe from Essex.

On Team Jennifer are 16-year-old music student Gayatri Nair from Peckham, London and Belle Voci, a duo made up of friends 26-year-old Sophie from Norwich and 25-year-old Emily from Mayfair.

Team Will’s first finalist is 18-year-old Tai, a Music Student from Stevenage. Tai is joined by 16-year-old student Donel Mangena from Southampton.


Lastly, on Team Olly are 27-year-old student Lauren Bannon from Weymouth and 29-year-old musician Jamie Grey from Redcar. He returned to The Voice UK this year after getting no turns last year.

The Voice UK 2018 airs Saturday night from 8:30PM on ITV.