Unwind with ITV: ITV announces new nightly mindfulness programme


ITV has announced a new nightly mindfulness programme, Unwind with ITV.

Following World Mental Health Day, ITV has announced the launch of the daily series which will feature calming and reflective programming encouraging mindfulness and self-care.

The new strand running in twilight hours on ITV, for those who are awake at that time, whatever the reason. It will also gently direct people to sources of mental health support and information.

Produced by Rock Oyster Media, Unwind with ITV will air 365 days a year across ITV, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4, STV and ITV Hub with the series developed in collaboration with Campaign Against Living Miserably to develop the series.

ITV share: “Over the next 12 months the series will feature calming scenes from Plymouth-based Rock Oyster’s surroundings, from natural landscapes to urban settings and shots of local craft and agriculture. The programme will also feature ASMR-inspired animations, tips and tricks from members of the public on how they like to relax, and readings of poetry and prose. Each will immerse the viewer in a space that will promote relaxation and reflection.

“With an unique audience due to its late night slot, encompassing everyone from new parents, insomnia sufferers, night shift workers and beyond, Unwind with ITV has joined forces with mental health charities to ensure anyone needing support can find it easily. Along with Campaign Against Living Miserably, Unwind with ITV will point to Mind, YoungMinds, The Samaritans, The Mix and SAMH at the end of each programme as sources of guidance and information for viewers.”

The series is the latest programming in support of ITV’s commitment to mental wellbeing, which includes the award-winning Britain Get Talking campaign, which first launched in October 2019 and saw 6.4 million people reaching out to friends and family as a result of the 2020 lockdown campaign.

Adam Mitchell, Head of ITV Programme Strategy Communication said: “Across our schedules we strive to reflect the lives of our viewers, and through our partnership with CALM we recognised that for many people, and for many different reasons, the middle of the night can be a lonely and often stressful time. That’s why we’ve commissioned Unwind with ITV to run every night of the year – to provide an accessible and peaceful space for anybody to take a moment to relax and escape.”

Simon Gunning, CEO, Campaign Against Living Miserably added: “From This Morning and #project84 to Britain Get Talking and our brilliant partnership with ITV2, CALM and our supporters are grateful for ITV’s continued commitment to improving the mental health of the nation. We know the middle of the night can be a lonely time for many people for countless reasons, and so we hope this new groundbreaking initiative will reach people who are up late at night, and provide a moment of calm for anyone not feeling great.”

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