Undercover Big Boss first look as Bristol Street Motors boss goes incognito

Undercover Big Boss continues tonight on ITV as the head of Bristol Street Motors goes incognito.

ITV previously announced a super-sized reboot of the show which last aired in 2014.

Now titled Undercover Big Boss, it will see the heads of four UK companies go undercover in their own businesses to find problems and ways to improve.

Episode 2 airs tonight, focusing on Bristol Street Motors, one of the largest car dealership groups in the UK.

Robert Forrester is the chief executive of the three billion-pound business that sells new and used cars from all the major brands.

With 149 dealerships across the UK and over 6,000 employees, the company sells one car to us Brits every four minutes.

When the pandemic hit, Robert was forced to close his dealerships and furlough the workforce. However, he also decided to take a massive gamble, whilst other businesses were downsizing, he saw an opportunity to become the biggest and best automotive dealer in the UK. So he went on a shopping spree, purchasing 30 new dealerships and investing millions of pounds of shareholders’ money.

Now he needs to make sure his gamble will pay off, so he is going undercover to make sure his company is in the right position to expand.

As a self-confessed ‘data geek’ who graduated from Oxford, Robert has never actually worked on the shop floor or sold a car in his life. For his undercover journey, he adopts the persona of history lecturer called Tom Gough who is looking for a career change, post pandemic.

Undercover Big Boss continues Thursday at 9PM on ITV.