Meet The Richardsons will return to Dave for a third series

Meet The Richardsons

Jon Richardson and Lucy Beaumont will be back for a third series of Meet The Richardsons.

The show stars the married comedians as they give a fictional window into their funny and frustrated marriage as they give viewers a glimpse of their life in Yorkshire.


After the first series in 2020 and two Christmas specials, a second series is currently airing Thursday nights on Dave.

Now the channel has confirmed a third series is on the way with ten new episodes.

For now, series 2 of Meet The Richardsons continues on Thursday, 6 May at 10PM on Dave.

The latest series focuses on the further frustrations of married life, the clash of career and personal life and how Jon and Lucy have been coping since viewers last saw them.

From dealing with life after lockdown, which Jon predicted of course, to creating the perfect family Christmas and Lucy's mum Gill spotting some spooky going's on in The Dog and Bastard.

In the latest episode, Jon tries to sell the house to Kevin McCloud even though Kevin put Jon's phone number on TV last year.

Meanwhile Lucy and her mum Gill return to Hull to make a documentary about aliens for Brian Cox and Russell Howard reveals all about Jon's drug use

Written by Lucy Beaumont and Tim Reid (Car Share), series 2 of Meet The Richardsons follows two Christmas specials which aired last December.


You can watch the latest episodes of Meet The Richardsons and catch up online now on UKTV Play.

Picture: UKTV/Dave

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