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The Repair Shop tonight

the repair shop

The Repair Shop is back on BBC One tonight - here's all you need to know about this evening's episode.

Presented by Jay Blades, The Repair Shop is the workshop of dreams with a team of Britain’s most skilled restoration experts. In each show, members of the public bring along their much loved but broken family treasures for the team to breathe new life into them, while also revealing the personal stories behind the items.


The series first made its debut on UK TV on BBC Two in 2017 before moving to BBC One in the afternoons. It's proved so popular, it now airs in BBC One prime time.

Watch The Repair Shop on TV and online

The Repair Shop airs on BBC One on Wednesday nights. The show is currently airing repeat episodes.

You can watch episodes online and catch up via BBC iPlayer here.

You can also watch episodes from past series on the iPlayer.

Tonight's The Repair Shop episode

The Repair Shop returns with tonight - Wednesday, 8PM on 15 September - with a repeat of episode 16 of series 5.

Tonight, Bear repair team Julie Tatchell and Amanda Middleditch are ready and waiting to give an adored 60s teddy bear called Fred a much-needed makeover. He has been a constant companion to owner Steph Derham, supporting her through many tough times as a child. Over 50 years later, he is still an important member of her family.

Embroidery expert Sara Dennis has a royal assignment when she takes receipt of a shabraque - an ornate horse blanket worn at ceremonial occasions. Owner Joss Green-Armytage’s father served in the household cavalry for almost 20 years and accompanied the Queen on her procession from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey on the day she ascended the throne.

And furniture restorer Will Kirk is on the case of the antique detective kit. Ex-police officer Maggie Turvey brings in a wooden trunk that was used before computerisation as a portable crime office, back in her early years on the job. Will cleans and repairs the chipped woodwork, replaces the lock and enhances the painted lettering on the front.


The Repair Shop currently airs on BBC One.

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