Supermarket Sweep 'to move to ITV' after revival with Rylan Clark-Neal proves a ratings hit

Rylan Clark-Neal presenting Supermarket Sweep

Rylan Clark-Neal's Supermarket Sweep revival is set to move to ITV, it's been reported.

Rylan replaced the late Dale Winton as frontman of the classic format, which was revived for the first time in twelve years in 2019.


The ITV2 series, which also included a Celebrity special, proved such a hit that it's moving to ITV2, according to The Sun newspaper.

"TV were delighted with Rylan and the show on ITV2, so it’s going back to where it belongs on the main channel," a source shared. “It rated well and it is just what they want to lift the nation’s spirits in these odd times."

They added: “They hope the nostalgia trip, with Rylan at the helm again, will put a smile on the country’s face.”

Supermarket Sweep sees teams of two contestants play a variety of trivia games to add precious seconds to their clocks.

The more time they bank, the longer they have to dash around the supermarket, grabbing as many goods and bonuses as possible.

The team whose trolley contains the highest value faces the Super Sweep, when they can win a cash prize by following clues to locate items.

The new revival remains true to the original with some modern twists - including a self-service checkout.