Eggheads' David Rainford explains why he hasn't been on the show recently

Where is David Rainford on Eggheads?

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Eggheads' David Rainford has explained why he hasn't been on the show recently.

Fans of the tea time quiz show have been asking where David Rainford is, having been absent from the latest series of episodes.

Taking to Twitter, David told viewers he was unable to take part in the latest recordings due to an illness.

He said: "Brand new Eggheads starting on Monday. I was still recuperating when these programmes were recorded, but I can promise you that there are some great shows coming up with excellent challengers that will keep you on the edge of your seats. Keep watching."

David is one of nine Eggheads who appears on the BBC Two show.

The brainbox, who won £250,000 on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire in 2005, joined the series in 2012.

His fellow current Eggheads are Kevin Ashman, Chris Hughes, Judith Keppel, Barry Simmons, Pat Gibson, David Rainford, Lisa Thiel, Steve Cooke and Beth Webster.

Eggheads currently airs at 6PM on BBC Two.

First airing in 2003, the series has since seen over 1,800 episodes.

The format sees one team of contestants attempt to win a cash prize against a group of the Eggheads, with the prize pot increasing each game until the Eggheads are beaten.

To date the biggest prize won has been £75,000 while almost £2 million in total has been paid out since the first episode aired.

Meanwhile, alongside the main show, there have been a number of spin-offs.

As well as a Celebrity series, these have included Are You an Egghead?, Revenge of the Egghead and Make Me an Egghead.

Currently hosted by Jeremy Vine, you can watch episodes of Eggheads online here via the BBC iPlayer.

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