True Love Or True Lies 2019 contestants, results and WINNER – who won season 2?

True Love True Lies season 2 cast and results and final winner

These are all the results from True Love or True Lies 2019, season 2 of MTV’s hit reality show.

Tuesday night saw the final – but who won?

True Love or True Lie sees several supposedly loved-up couples shipped off to sunny villa, where they face a series of relationship tests.

However, not all of the romances are real.

A number of couples are lying about their relationships and no one – including viewers and host Dani Dyer – know how many couples are fake or who the liars are.

At the end of each episode, the couples voted out another couple they think is lying. Correctly eliminate a fake pair and the prize fund increases by £10,000 but vote out a real couple and the extra cash is lost.

True Love True Lies contestants and results

Recap the contestants on True Love True Lies season 2 below and whether or not they’re lying or telling the truth…

In the lead up to the final eleven couples were eliminated or left, five of which were fake…

Jack William Harrington and Eliza Simonelli – REAL LOVERS
Linford Martin & Adam Birchall – REAL LOVERS
Arnie Newson and Autumn (quit) – FAKERS
Micky & Harriette – REAL LOVERS
Junior & Luchiano Blackett – FAKERS
Kai & Ciara – REAL LOVERS

Kory Grant and Emily Craig – REAL LOVERS
Charlie Allan and Chloe Nicol – FAKERS
Declan Bingham and Bernadette Hagans – FAKERS
Shadia and Alice – REAL LOVERS
Scott Hastings and Ryan Yule – FAKERS

True Love or True Lies season 2 winner

A trio of couples were left in the final competing for a total prize of £40,000 (as Arnie and Autumn quit, that did not increase the prize).

Here’s how the final results went:

Timothie (Grace Shush) and Mahatma Khandi – FAKERS – 3rd place
Emma Basten & Chris Kirk – FAKERS – 2nd place
Poppy Moran and Parisa Tarjomani – REAL LOVERS – WINNERS

As winners, Poppy & Parisa shared the total £40,000 prize pot.

Narrated by Dani’s dad Danny Dyer, True Love or True Lies airred week nights on MTV at 9PM.

MTV is available on Sky 126, Virgin Media 134 and channel 309 on BT TV, TalkTalk Plusnet via YouView.

You can watch episodes online and catch up via NOW TV or MTVPlay.

Speaking about the series, Dani said: “In life you spend your day at work and there are some really serious things on telly, so we need shows like this that are light-hearted and fun. After a long day at work, you can relax with this and have some fun.”

Dani added: “You sit there and go, ‘They know too much about each other!’ You start comparing it to relationships you’ve been in, but then every single relationship is different.”

Season 1 of True Love Or Lies was won by Liv and Louis, who turned out to be liars.

They shared the total £90,000 prize pot.