Travel Man tonight: 48 Hours In Marseille with Asim Chaudhry

Travel Man is back with host Joe Lycett for a new series, tonight joined by Asim Chaudhry on a unique getaway.


Every episode of the Channel 4 show takes a sideways look at how visitors might spend two days in some of the world’s most popular mini-break destinations .

Joining the Travel Man for every trip is a well-known travel companion.

This time, Asim Chaudhry joins Joe to spend le weekend in Marseille, France’s oldest and sunniest city.

First stop is Hotel Le Corbusier, housed within the iconic 50s apartment block known as La Cite Radieuse, a mid-century modern must-see. Iconic street food is next, in the shape of a chichi fregis: fried sweet dough, laced with Chantilly and Nutella.

Marseille’s du Prado is one of the most famous skateparks in the world and has made the city a mecca for skaters. So, to learn a few tricks, Joe and Asim sign up for a lesson in an abandoned tobacco factory that now serves as a cool hub for all things ‘hipster’.

Other cultural highlights include the Tunnel of 1000 signs and a guided tour of the Underwater Museum of Marseille, which comprises ten sculptures submerged in the Med. The Basilica Notre Dame de la Garde is the symbol of the city as well as its highest point. To reach it, Joe and Asim take the tourist train and enjoy a spectacular panorama of the city and the sea below.

They stay for lunch – courtesy of the Missionary Workers of the Immaculate, who run the on-site restaurant – and sample L’aïoli Garni, a traditional Provençal dish of poached fish, boiled vegetables and hard-boiled eggs accompanied by the region’s famous garlic dip, aioli.

Before they go, there’s just time to toast their trip with a pastis in cool neighbourhood, Le Cours Julien


Travel Man: 48 Hours In Marseille airs on Friday, 3 February at 8:30PM on Channel 4.

Episodes are also available to watch online via All 4