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Watch Travel Man 2019 series 9 online - cast line up, episodes and locations

Travel Man 2019 is here but where is Richard Ayoade going this year and who’s he taking with him?

Richard Ayoade loves travelling and seeing the world – but hates going on holiday.

The average trip is long, boring and stressful for Richard. There must surely be a way of making it more fun, more efficient and less tedious?

Travel Man sees all the boring bits taken out as Richard reveals where we’re going wrong by having the most efficient holiday possible.

Every week, Richard is going to be jetting off to exciting locations – but he won’t be alone.

In each episode, Richard is joined by a different celebrity travel companion.

With just 48 hours together, Richard will be organising each trip with ruthless efficiency. No dilly-dallying allowed, Richard’s aim is to get maximum holiday value in minimum time.

Travel Man 2019 locations and celebrities

Here’s who’s on the cast of Travel Man for 2019 for series 9 and where they’ll be heading…

Episode 1 – Watch online
In the first episode, Richard Ayoade does Dubrovnik with comedian Stephen Merchant. Having checked in to their fancy rooms at a 16th-century townhouse, they head off round one of the world’s best-preserved medieval cities. A Game of Thrones tour features some of the show’s most celebrated locations. There’s also some ston oysters on the terrace of the famous Hotel Excelsior; a buggy safari on Mount Srd; and a visit to a hilltop fort still littered with landmines dating from the war of the 1990s.

Episode 2 – Watch online
Richard is joined by comedian Lou Sanders for a two-day blast around Bergen in Norway. Richard and Lou start as they mean to go on by taking a speedboat transfer from the airport to their waterfront lodgings. They explore the historic neighbourhood of Bryggen; ride a cable car to the top of Mount Ulriken; and fly down the the fastest zipline in Norway, against Richard’s better judgement.

Episode 3 – Watch online
Richard Ayoade is joined by comedian Joe Wilkinson for a 48-hour whizz round the historic city of Krakow. Poland’s second city is known for its culture, fairy-tale old town and baked goods. The comic duo dive headlong into a baking workshop, making Krakow’s signature salty snack, before heading to a salt mine to marvel at the world’s largest underground chapel.

Episode 4 – Watch online
Richard Ayoade and comedian Ellie Taylor team up for a two-day meander around Madrid, following an itinerary rich in art, history, histrionics, and ham. The Spanish capital is a world class destination for art. Ellie and Richard kick take a guided tour of masterpieces by Bosch, Velasquez, Picasso and Dali. There’s a ham carving workshop and a five-course tasting menu, of which four courses are pork, or ham, including pork tartare.

Travel Man airs on Channel 4.

You can catch up on past episodes and series online here.