Tracy Beaker is back with new stories in CBBC podcast – cast, episodes, how to listen

The Tracy Beaker Podcast cast and episodes

Tracy Beaker is returning with some brand new stories in a new CBBC podcast on BBC Sounds.


The Tracy Beaker Podcast is based on the Tracy Beaker books by beloved children’s author Dame Jacqueline Wilson.

BBC tease: “Each episode follows the adventures of Tracy and her friends, as well as the occasional enemy along the way. Having grown up in care, Tracy hates soppy fairy stories but secretly longs for her own happily ever after. Through the trials and tribulations, will Tracy find a foster family of her own?

“The series offers a fresh new audio adaptation for existing fans of the books and TV series as well as the chance for young audiences to listen in to and be enthralled by Tracy’s world, through wonderful audio storytelling for the first time.”

The Tracy Beaker Podcast cast

Tracy Beaker continues to be loud, fiery – and still somehow always manages to find herself in trouble. Tracy is played by Macy-Blossom Tench, who makes her acting debut in the podcast.

Justine is played by Ashirah Foster Notice, Peter is played by Jude Riordan, Louise is played by Poppy O’Brien, Cam is played by Lyndsey Marshal, Elaine is played by Krissi Bohn and Jenny is played by Rina Mahoney.

Helen Bullough, Head of Children’s In House Production, says: “Whether listeners are discovering Tracy Beaker for the first time or revisiting a childhood classic, her story is timeless. Feisty but with a heart of gold, we hope audiences enjoy Tracy’s adventures and the havoc she causes along the way!”


The Tracy Beaker Podcast episodes

Five episodes will land on BBC Sounds this Saturday 11 April with more to come in future weeks. The Tracy Beaker Podcast is available on BBC Sounds here.

Episode one: Tracy Beaker Meets Her Match.
When a new girl arrives at the children’s home, Tracy Beaker must decide if Justine Littlewood is a friend or an enemy.

Episode two: Tracy Beaker Prepares To Impress.
When writer Cam Lawson visits the children’s home, Tracy Beaker is desperate to impress her. However, things don’t go to plan, especially when Justine Littlewood gets involved.

Episode three: Tracy Beaker The Brilliant Writer.
Cam is struggling to write her article about the children’s home. Luckily, Tracy Beaker is eager to nominate the perfect person to help.


Episode four: Tracy Beaker’s Terrible Dream.
It’s the day of her lunch date with Cam, and Tracy Beaker can’t wait to go – but a strange dream makes her worry that she’s doing the wrong thing.

Episode five: Tracy Beaker Hatches A Plan.
Tracy Beaker has come up with an exciting plan for her future and can’t wait to share it with Cam, but how will Cam react?