The Only Way Is Essex cast ‘at war over air time’

The Only Way Is Essex cast are said to be at war over air time on the current series.


Some of the show’s regulars are reportedly unhappy that there’s been too much focus on some couples.

And tension behind the scenes is said to have been made worse when half of the cast were taken away to Dublin for filming scenes this week.

“I think some of the cast were getting a bit aggy about who was getting the most airtime on the show – people were saying it was the ‘Megan and Pete show’, then the ‘Lauren and Jon show’,” a source said, referring to Lauren Pope and Jon Clark’s new romance.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, the TOWIE insider went on to say the Dublin trip had added to the problems.

They explained: “Half the cast have been taken to Dublin, which means they’ll be involved in some really fun storylines.

“But now the cast members who are left back in Essex are annoyed at missing out on the trip to Dublin because everyone who’s there is saying it’s a right laugh.”


TOWIE continues Sunday night with a new episode from this year’s latest series.

It was previously revealed show bosses had decided to cut the number of series of the show in 2017 but increase the number of episodes.

That means rather than three or four shorter runs, there are now just the two series that air for up to three months each.


This year’s first will ran for a total of 18 episodes back between March and May. The current series kicked off last month.

The Only Way Is Essex 2017 continues with its latest episodes Sunday and Wednesday nights on ITVBe.