Tony Adams speaks out after quitting Strictly Come Dancing in results show

Tony Adams has spoken out after his exit from Strictly Come Dancing 2022.


It was the football legend and his pro partner Katya Jones who left Strictly this weekend, the latest couple to be sent home.

However it was an unusual exit with Tony withdrawing due to injury ahead of a dance-off with Tyler West and Dianne Buswell.

Tony Adams and Katya Jones Tyler West and Dianne Buswell in Strictly Come Dancing's results show.
Tony Adams and Katya Jones; Tyler West and Dianne Buswell in Strictly Come Dancing’s results show. Credit: BBC/Guy Levy

Host Tess Daly explained: “Due to an injury sustained on Saturday night, Tony is unable to take part in the dance off and has decided to withdraw from the competition. This means there will be no dance off tonight and Tyler and Dianne are through to Blackpool.”

For their first interview following their departure from the show, Tony and Katya spoke exclusively with Rylan on Strictly – It Takes Two tonight.

Tony said of withdrawing: “It’s been getting tough for the last couple of weeks, I had a little bit of a hammy last week and I went out there and danced, and then on Thursday I pointed my toe down, bit of retraction and went ‘oof’.

“We didn’t do anything on Friday and then they gave me the choice, they were very professional the BBC, the physio was first class, they said ‘it’s your decision Tony, do you want to go for it?’ My wife said ‘my mum’s coming, you’ve got to dance!’ I looked into her eyes and she went ‘Come on!'”


Tony said of dancing the jive on Saturday: “I’ve loved it all to be honest with you. I’ve thrown myself into it all. I was not sure that I was going to get through that [the jive] to be completely honest with you, roly polys are for six year olds not 56 year olds!”

On her eyes not leaving him throughout the entire performance, Katya said: “For the first time he actually looked at me like, ‘I’m dancing with you Kat!’ I so wanted him to get every single step right I think I forgot all my steps if I’m honest with you, watching it back… he’s going to blame me for us leaving the competition now!”

And asked about Shirley giving him a score of seven, Tony said: “It’s a bizarre show isn’t it, let’s be honest, we’re all different age groups, different standards, and you come in and you just do your best. I really listened.

“The week before she’d been very complimentary as well, and very constructive with her criticism at the times when she was. I’ve fallen in love with Shirley, she’s my favourite!”

When asked by Rylan what the Strictly experience has been like for him, Tony said: “It’s been amazing mate.. coming on here every week and chatting to you guys has been really fun, I’ve loved this part, more than the dancing [laughs!].

Tess Daly, Tony Adams and Katya Jones in Strictly Come Dancing's results show.
Tess Daly, Tony Adams and Katya Jones in Strictly Come Dancing’s results show. Credit: BBC/Guy Levy

“I can do a lot of talking! No its been incredible, I came into the show with one message, to get the awareness of mental health and addiction out there. 26 years ago I should have been dead, I didn’t want to be on the planet, and now I’m dancing on a show!”

On being partnered with Tony, Katya added: “I have too much to say but I’ve absolutely loved it, I’ve gained a friend for life!”

Following their exit, eight celebs remain in the competition.

They include TV personality Helen Skelton, telly host Kym Marsh, comedian Ellie Taylor and wildlife cameraman & TV personality Hamza Yassin. They’re joined by TV star Will Mellor, singer Fleur East, radio DJ Tyler West and CBBC actress Molly Rainford.


Strictly Come Dancing 2022 airs on BBC One.

You can catch up on episodes via BBC iPlayer.