Tonight’s Love Island update and spoilers (28 January)

Georgia S and Callum
Georgia S and Callum

In a dramatic turn of events, Georgia S and Tom’s private game of truth or dare stirs the villa, while Callum and Georgia S’s romance heats up in the hideaway, and Hannah and Tyler share a heartfelt first date.

Georgia S and Tom bring a new level of excitement to the Islanders’ villa with their own spontaneous game of truth or dare around the firepit. This private challenge comes after an already eventful group game.

Tom, selecting a ‘truth’ card, directly asks Georgia S, “Would you rather be with Callum or me?” Georgia S, not shying away from the question, admits, “I think my impulse would be you because I think there’s a connection we share.”

Georgia H gets a text
Georgia H gets a text

She then leans in to whisper to Tom, “I fancy you the most.”

As evening descends on the Villa, the Islanders receive a text announcing the opening of the hideaway retreat.

They unanimously decide on Callum and Georgia S to be the first couple to enjoy this romantic escape.

In the hideaway, the chemistry between Callum and Georgia S intensifies. Georgia S, clearly thrilled, shares with Callum, “This is so good. Do you know what Cal, I honestly wouldn’t want to be in here with anyone else.”

As Georgia S explores a connection with both Callum and Tom, is her head in a spin?

Tyler and Hannah on a date
Tyler and Hannah on a date

The next night, Hannah and Tyler set off for their first date, leaving the Villa for an intimate evening at a stunning South African mansion. The date is an opportunity for them to discuss their future and deepen their connection.

Hannah expresses her feelings, saying, “Whoever I am kind of talking to I’ve known for a long time and it’s kind of developed. Going into something now, it’s got to be serious.

“I’m a mum and my baby Reggie is my world. I don’t want to just jump in.”

Tyler responds with understanding, “And I respect it. So, we’ll go at our own pace.”

Love Island airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

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