Tonight’s Love Island update and spoilers (25 January)

Sophie & Tom get a text

In a tumultuous episode, Chris admits his crush on Sophie, Anton and Mitch clash over ‘bro code’, and a surprise recoupling based on public voting stirs drama among the Islanders.

In tonight’s episode, Chris opens up about his feelings for bombshell arrival Sophie.

Following his date with her, Chris confides in Arabella, revealing: “Me and Sophie have met before and I’ll be honest, I have had a crush on her for a bit.” He adds: “She ends the date, saying she wants to keep chatting to me and I share the same sentiment.”

Arabella, visibly taken aback, seeks Josh’s advice, expressing her dismay. “It’s not the nicest feeling…did he really need to tell me that?” she wonders aloud.

The situation heats up the next day when Chris and Sophie hold hands in front of a stunned Arabella. “Oh my God, they are holding hands…is that real? Wow. That is so disrespectful,” Arabella comments in shock.


The evening sees tensions rise as Arabella confronts Chris. Will their relationship survive this twist?

Later, Liberty informs Mitch that Anton has been talking about him behind his back. Confronting Anton, Mitch accuses him of violating the ‘bro code’. “You are talking to Lib behind my back going against me and it’s not really bro code,” Mitch says.

Anton stands his ground, stating: “There is no bro code. There is right and wrong…I’m telling her my opinion.” He further challenges Mitch, saying: “Keep your nose out of my business.”

Their confrontation escalates when Anton retorts: “If your girl comes crying to me asking for advice, I will give her my advice. You’ve been together seven days and made her cry twice. Look at yourself, don’t look at me. Be a man, not a boy.”


Is the ‘bro code’ truly broken, and can the two find a resolution?

Later as the night unfolds, Toby receives a startling text: “Can all Islanders gather around the firepit immediately.” This is quickly followed by another message announcing an impromptu recoupling, where the boys will choose their partners.

In a twist, the public has already voted on who Sophie and Tom should couple up with, based on their dates from the previous evening. Sophie and Tom receive texts revealing the public’s decision.

With these developments, the Islanders face an evening filled with suspense. How will these revelations affect the recouplings and the dynamics in the villa?

Love Island All Stars airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

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