Tonight’s Love Island spoilers: Zara and David stir up drama as they enter the villa

New bombshells Zara and David spend their first night in the villa on Love Island tonight.

The pair first appeared in last night’s episode when the current Islanders were surprised by texts inviting Ron and Tanya out on dates.

Tonight, after her date with Ron, Zara asks Lana: “So how are things going with Ronnie?” Lana replies: “We’ve had a good couple of days together, it’s so early to be honest, so fair game.”

Zara says: “Cool, I appreciate that to be fair because if you were like, ‘You know what, he’s mine paws off’ I’d be like, ‘Right, it’s game on.’”

Later that evening, Lana and Ron debrief on how his date went with new bombshell Zara.

Love Island: SR9: Ep4 on ITV2 and ITVX. Pictured: Ron and Lana chat.
Love Island: SR9: Ep4 on ITV2 and ITVX. Pictured: Ron and Lana chat. ©ITV Plc

Lana asks: “How was your date? Do you want to get to know her?”

Ron replies: “I think I’ll have conversations with her and get to know her, my head is where it was before, it’s just another girl’s been thrown in the mix to have conversations with and see if it’s better than what we have…”

Elsewhere, David cracks on with pulling girls for a chat, including Tanya. This prompts Will to chat to Zara, who ends up doing catwalks across the Villa’s stunning swimming pool.

The following morning David and Tanya catch up after yesterday’s date as he compliments another one of her outfit choices, Tanya says: “You’re going to get tired of telling me.”

David suggests: “No more compliments, just kisses.” As they both laugh, David suggests: “For sure, it could happen tonight?”

David goes on to add: “I feel like we’ve got a connection now already…”

Will David try and make his move on Tanya later that evening? And what does this new found connection mean for Tanya and Shaq?

Love Island: SR9: Ep4 on ITV2 and ITVX. Pictured: Tanyel and Kai chat.
Love Island: SR9: Ep4 on ITV2 and ITVX. Pictured: Tanyel and Kai chat. ©ITV Plc

Meanwhile, although coupled up with Tanyel, Kai has also been getting to know Anna-May. Taking notice of this, Tanyel pulls Kai for a chat to which he asks: “What are you feeling about today?”

Tanyel replies: “You didn’t do anything wrong, but I actually got really jealous and I don’t like it.”

Kai replies: “The fact that you’ve told me that you were jealous is the first intel that I’ve actually got that you actually like me.”

Tanyel says: “I know and this is what I wanted to talk to you about, it really annoyed me that you spoke to someone else, that obviously shows me that I like you…”

Following their conversation, Kai heads to the Beach Hut and says: “I think she’s realised that it’s not going to be as plain sailing as she thought it was gonna be, I think she’s realised that she actually really likes me.”

Following her conversation with Kai, Tanyel and Ron go for a chat as he asks her where her head is at.

Tanyel replies: “Two can play that game, my top two would be you and Kai.”

Asking Tanyel about Kai, Ron says: “Are you telling me you’re bored of Kai now?” Tanyel replies: “No I didn’t say that…”

Ron replies: “But you just want to spice things up a bit? Interesting.”

Later in the Beach Hut Tanyel says: “I feel like Ron brings out a different side of me, maybe more of the feistier side which is probably better in some ways. I want to flirt with Ron all day and all night.”

How will Ron react to her admission?

Love Island airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

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