What happened on Love Island last night? Brad and Lucinda kiss while Liam makes a move on Millie

Latest Love Island spoilers and recap!

Lucinda Strafford and Brad McClelland locked lips in the latest episode of Love Island (Friday 9 July)

Brad has made no secret of the fact that he is interested in getting to know Lucinda.

In yesterday evening’s episode, he told her: “Since I’ve laid it all out, I didn’t really want to be jumping into bed with another lass. You’re there. I already laid it out to you. Tonight, there is nothing I can do about it.”

Lucinda replied: “Oh my God. You’re literally so respectful. Have fun with Rachel but not too much fun!”

Talking about the recent challenge, Lucinda asked: “What did you think of the kiss?”

Brad and Lucinda turn up the heat and lock lips.
Brad and Lucinda turn up the heat and lock lips.

The pair then leaned in and share a kiss.

Meanwhile Liam Reardon, who is currently coupled up with Faye Winter, got to know new girl Millie Court.

Liam asked Faye for a chat. He said: “Millie is interested in me, we’ve been getting to know each other. We do get on. The way you handled the situation has been great. I just wanted to make sure you know. I didn’t want you finding out from elsewhere.”

Faye replied: “I know what’s going on. I can see it with my own eyes. But what will be, will be.”

Speaking in the Beach Hut about Liam, Millie saod: “I literally just want to rip his clothes off. Sounds bad but I can’t help it. He is so fit, I fancy him so much. We both really want to snog each other.”

Elsewhere on Friday, Jake received a text which reads: “Jake and Liberty, it’s time for your first date. Please get ready to leave the villa.’ #Jiberty #ToesCompany”

With the help of the girls, Liberty got glammed up and she prepared to head out on her date with Jake.

On the date, Jake said: “I feel like it’s brought feelings stronger than what it was before.”

Liberty added: “If I am completely honest, I didn’t expect to come into Love Island and literally find what we’ve got from day one. Like I do obviously like you a little bit.”

Jake gets a text that tells him he and Liberty are going on a date.
Jake gets a text that tells him he and Liberty are going on a date.

Also in Friday’s episode Toby confessed to Kaz about his kiss with Chloe.

Finally in the latest installment, Faye received a text which reads: “Girls, Teddy is waiting in the Hideaway terrace, you must now choose four girls to join him on a speed date. #FourPlay #GoSteadyWithTeddy.”

But which four lucky ladies will go on a date with Teddy?

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