Tonight’s Love Island spoilers as Tyrique gets flirty with Kady – and Ella isn’t happy


The fallout from Casa Amor rumbles on in tonight’s episode of Love Island 2023.

After Ella returned from Casa Amor with new boy Ouzy, newly single Tyrique decides it’s time to get grafting, turning his attention to Kady.

As they catch up on the bean bags, Tyrique tells Kady: “You’ve got nice hair.”

Ella walks across the garden and notices their interaction as she is quick to tell Catherine: “He’s stroking her hair, what is he doing?”

Catherine and Ella watch Mitchel, Abi, Tyrique and Kady chat
Love Island: SR10: Ep33 on ITV2 and ITVX. Pictured: Catherine and Ella watch Mitchel, Abi, Tyrique and Kady chat. ©ITV Plc

Tyrique continues to make a move on Kady as he says: “Let me look at them pretty eyes, look at me, let me look into your eyes.”

Kady jokingly tells him: “Stop it Ty, I know what you’re doing.”

As the conversation continues, Tyrique says to Kady: “You’re gorgeous.”

It appears Ella has seen enough as she heads over to Kady and Tyrique and says: “Is this a thing now? Is this a thing?”

Tyrique replies: “It might be a thing, it might not… I don’t know.”

Things soon start to heat up as Ella says: “You’re so petty.”

Will Ella and Tyrique be able to get things back on track? Or will Kady and Tyrique’s relationship blossom?

Jess and Sammy chat
Love Island: SR10: Ep33 on ITV2 and ITVX. Pictured: Jess and Sammy chat. ©ITV Plc

Elsewhere, Jess is keen to gain clarity on her situation with Sammy.

Now coupled up with Amber, Jess wants to know exactly where she stands, saying to Sammy: “I wanted to talk to you… realistically I don’t want to be in this situation anymore… I just feel like I’m in another triangle and I can’t be bothered with it anymore Sammy. If I put you in three triangles, with three other boys you wouldn’t have it… I want someone who 100% wants me.”

Sammy tells Jess he needs more time to get to know Amber but she interjects by giving him an ultimatum. Jess says: “It’s not fair… I’m not going to beg for you to choose me. If you don’t want me that’s ok but I’m not being in a triangle anymore!”

Will Sammy finally make his decision or will his head continue to be turned by Amber?

Love Island continues nightly at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

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