Tonight’s Love Island spoilers as Abi and Scott question their connection

A week ahead of the Love Island final, Abi and Scott find themselves at a crossroads tonight.

Abi and Scott have been navigating their budding connection, but Scott hasn’t shied away from expressing his concerns that things might be progressing too quickly.

Seeking advice, Abi discusses her worries about her connection with Scott with Whitney and Molly. Whitney mentions hearing that Scott may want to close off their relationship.

Later, Abi and Scott have a conversation at the fire pit. Abi opens up about feeling rejected, to which Scott offers reassurance, stating that if he were to end things, he would communicate it directly.

Love Island: SR10: Ep50 on ITV2 and ITVX. Pictured: Abi ©ITV Plc

“If I did want to end it then I would pull you and do it,” he tells her.

Abi expresses her struggle in building a connection with someone who is hesitant to show affection through kisses or cuddles, believing it may not work out physically.

In a moment of vulnerability, Abi admits she is wary, not wanting to experience being taken for granted again.

“I’m just wary – I don’t want to get mugged off again,” he shares.

Scott empathizes, acknowledging that if their efforts now don’t lead to a successful relationship, Abi wouldn’t have been deceived because they genuinely tried.

Above all, Abi desires honesty in their connection, yearning for a transparent and authentic experience.

As their journey unfolds, will Abi and Scott find a way to grow closer and strengthen their bond, or will they decide to call time on their relationship? Only time will tell.

Elsewhere on Love Island tonight, the talent show challenge returns to the villa.

Love Island: SR10: Ep50 on ITV2 and ITVX. Pictured: Scott in the talent show ©ITV Plc

Ella receives a text which reads: “Islanders. It’s time to take centre stage and show off your skills as tonight you’ll perform at the Love Island Talent Show! #GetYourTalentOut #ShowtimeToSlay”

Love Island 2023 continues nightly at 9PM On ITV2.

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