Tonight’s Love Island All Stars spoilers (16 January)

Liberty & Jake
Liberty & Jake

Love Island: All Stars is already creating a buzz with its dramatic start, featuring the surprise entry of the first bombshells of the series.

In a twist at the end of last night’s, former lovers Callum and Molly were reunited, placing Callum in a challenging situation as he faces a crucial decision.

Tonight, the tension is palpable as everyone wonders if Callum will re-couple with Molly or choose one of the other girls in the villa. The moment Callum discloses his decision, it sends shockwaves across the villa, leaving the Islanders reeling. Demi captures the mood perfectly, exclaiming: “I’m in shock!”

The drama continues into the evening as Liberty decides to confront Jake about their awkward dynamic since arriving at the villa.


She candidly shares her feelings, saying: “I personally feel, maybe you’ve just been doing your thing, but I do feel you have been avoiding me a bit and I don’t want it to be like that.”

Jake responds, reassuring Liberty and attempting to smooth things over: “There’s no bad blood there. We’ve moved on – I wanna talk to you because you’re good fun.”

This leads to a conversation where Liberty considers the possibility of a friendship emerging from their past relationship.

She says: “Maybe a good friendship could come out of this,” to which Jake agrees, “Yeah, of course. Let’s see how it goes…we both know where we are at now.”

However we now know that Jake ends up departing the villa.


Meanwhile, the day brings more excitement as the Islanders participate in the first game of the series, Champagne Dares.

Demi quickly steals the spotlight, accepting a dare to “Snog the two Islanders you are attracted to,” turning her attention first to Chris, then sharing a snog with Mitch.

The villa heats up when new bombshell Molly is dared to “Have a three way kiss with the two Islanders you fancy the most.”

Molly chooses Chris and Luis for a daring encounter. This bold move leaves everyone eager to see Callum’s reaction, especially after his recent decision involving Molly.

Love Island continues nightly at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

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