Tonight’s Ant & Dec’s Limitless Win contestants in latest episode

Adele and Adele on Limitless Win

In a recent episode of Ant & Dec’s hit game show, viewers are set to be treated to an unexpected display of strategic genius by two contestants, both named Adele.


These cousins, hailing from Lancashire but originally from Manchester, not only demonstrate their impressive knowledge, including an in-depth understanding of Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles but also their heartfelt motivations for participating in the show.

Ant reflected on the contestants’ preparedness this series: “Do you know what was good? Contestants are coming this series with proper research, spreadsheets, things written down on bits of paper. We have to check their arms before we go into the studio in case they wrote the answers down, like kids doing exams.”

Dec added:”Going into series three, people have been doing loads of research and come really prepared. No wonder we’ve had more people going further up the ladder than ever before.”

Adele, known as Little Adele, and her cousin Adele, referred to as Big Adele, aged 46 and 55 respectively, are both police officers.

They joined the show with a heartwarming goal. Little Adele, who faced the loss of her mother in March, seeks to bring some joy back into her family’s life with a holiday to celebrate her mother’s memory. Big Adele, on her part, dreams of taking her children and grandchildren to Disney World, a plan she had been gradually saving for.

Their strategy, as described by Adele, is to “Use as much of the available time as possible, talk to each other but also listen to each other.”

Zanesh and Melike on Limitless Win

In contrast, Londoners Zanesh and Melike, an engaged couple working in digital marketing and media research, bring a different strategy to the table.


Zanesh says: “Find a good balance between risky and cautious, and make sure that we find a compromise if we think different things – team work makes the dream work after all.”

Ant & Dec’s Limitless Win starts at 8:30PM on ITV1 and ITVX on Saturday.