Tiff Watson reveals why she quit Made In Chelsea

Tiffany ‘Tiff’ Watson has revealed why she is leaving Made In Chelsea.


It was revealed last week that Tiff Watson, sister to Lucy Watson who quit in 2016, won’t be on the new series.

A spokesperson for Tiff told the Daily Mail newspaper: “Tiff has taken a break for now to concentrate on a number of exciting projects including TV as well as the opening of her vegan restaurant with her sister and her lifestyle/stationary business 365 which she launched a few months ago.

“She also has a number of trips coming up for work and leisure as well as her best friend’s wedding where she is her maid of honour so its a busy few months and seemed the right time to step back and work on all the exciting things she has coming up and give them her all.”

Meanwhile, chatting to The Sun newspaper, Tiff said she found filming the show stressful and it put pressure on relationships.

“In hindsight, I went into it quite blind,” Tiff admitted. “I didn’t expect it to be as real as it is. They follow your life and you have to report on what is ­happening on a regular basis.

“I used to try to hide things and that wasn’t great.”


Discussing her break up with Sam Thompson, who remains on the show, Tiff added: “I was in love with Sam, we even discussed getting married, and being on TV put pressure on the relationship.

“There were some things I didn’t want to film because I wanted to protect him, but I knew I had to.”

Meanwhile, Tiff suggested that other stars of the E4 series would often exaggerate their lives to get more air time.

She said: “I can see that other people feel the need to generate drama so they can be more involved, but I never wanted to do that.


“It’s such a big cast, with 20-plus people. There are always new people coming and going.”

The new series of Made In Chelsea begins on Monday, March 12 on E4 at 9PM.

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