Three Little Birds cast revealed for new ITV drama from Sir Lenny Henry

New drama Three Little Birds has arrived on ITV1 – here’s a full run down of who’s on the cast.

Three Little Birds is a heartwarming six-part drama series inspired by the late 1950s journey of Sir Lenny Henry’s mother to Britain.

The series delves into untold stories of sisterhood, love, friendship, and the highs, laughter, and struggles that come with building a new life in the so-called mother country.

Leah [Rochelle Neil] in Three Little Birds
Three Little Birds first look: Leah [Rochelle Neil]

The narrative centres around Leah Whittaker, who grapples with her conscience regarding what she’s left behind in Jamaica. Fleeing her abusive husband, Leah sends her three children to live with her mother while she embarks on a journey to Britain with the determination to forge a fresh start for herself.

Three Little Birds 2023 cast

Here’s a full rundown of who’s on the cast of Three Little Birds…

  • Yazmin Belo plays Hosanna Drake
  • Rochelle Neil plays Leah Whittaker
  • Javone Prince plays Aston Brahms
  • Saffron Coomber plays Chantrelle Brahms
  • Bobby Gordon plays Shelton Powell
  • Michelle Fox plays Siobhan
  • Leemore Marrett Jr. plays Ephraim Whittaker
  • Annie-Rose Tate plays Myfanwy Boyce
  • Arthur Darvill plays Mr. Ernest Wantage
  • Cokey Falkow plays Graham Cooper
  • Justine Cain plays Hilary
  • Mark Oliver plays Skinny
  • Elaine Ward plays Mrs. Sioned Boyce
  • Amy Beth Hayes plays Mrs. Diana Wantage


Watch Three Little Birds on TV and online

Three Little Birds begins on Sunday, 22 October at 8PM on ITV1. The series has six episodes which continue weekly.

You’ll also be able to watch episodes online and catch up via the ITVX.

A teaser shares: “Leah travels to England with her younger star stuck, glamourous sister Chantrelle. The two chaperone their pious and Christian friend Hosanna who they have chosen as a potential bride for their brother Aston.

“Leah is a pioneer who wants to build a better future for her kids but every step of her journey is dogged by guilt, fear and fresh challenges in the hostile mother country. Spurred on by her determination to be reunited with her children, it is her journey of building a new home for all of them that’s truly transformative for Leah.”