This is why Love Island has been cutting some scenes from the show

Love Island has cut a number of scenes from the show this year – and here’s just why.

The ITV2 series came under fire last week after it was reported it had cut out parts of Samira and Frankie’s relationship, including a night in the hideaway.

The revelation came to light when Samira quit the villa to be with Frankie.

“We did, we spent time in the Hideaway,” Frankie confirmed to the Metro newspaper. “We got a text and then the other islanders picked us two, and then everyone was cheering us on as we walked in.”

However it turns out that the show is not a ‘fix’ and Samira and Frankie weren’t being singled out.

Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham, Sam Bird and Georgia Steel and Charlie Brake and Ellie Brown are also said to have spent time alone in unaired scenes.

A spokesperson for ITV explained the decision: “We don’t necessarily show every moment in the hideaway owing to the constraints of it only being a one hour show.”

Sources have claimed that producers prefer to drop the ‘sex scenes’ to keep the show more fun.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, a source said: “The producers have decided to focus on the romances rather than all the sex for now. They want it to be about entertainment, not romps.

“Love island has become infamous for its contestants having sex on camera, but that’s not what producers want people to focus on.”

The insider claimed show bosses didn’t want Love Island becoming a ‘new Geordie Shore’.

The source added: “ITV are keen for love island to be considered an entertainment show, rather than a sex fest.”

Love Island 2018 continues nightly at 9PM on ITV2.

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