The Voice UK: Jennifer Hudson and Olly Murs have a falling out

Jennifer Hudson has revealed she had a falling out with Olly Murs on The Voice 2019.

It seems the two rival coaches locked horns with one another during filming of the battle rounds.

The second stage of the contest sees the coaches pit their acts against one another in a series of a musical duels, while they’re also able to steal one another’s contestants.

And it sounds as though things get heated in scenes to come over the next few weeks.

Ahead of Saturday’s opening episode of the new series, Jennifer admitted: “I did get a little upset with this one here [Olly Murs] because he really gave it to me.”

She told the Metro newspaper: “I think he’s my friend, right, and after this battle we had a fall out.

“I was like, ‘We are not friends anymore.’ So it did get a little heated because I couldn’t believe you would go that low.”

She added: “He text me messages and then in the battle against me he turned on me like that? I am so passionate about the contestants. He stabbed me in the back and it was so painful.”

What Olly did to get Jennifer riled up remains to be seen, with the battle stages not airing until next month.

For now, the new series begins with its blind audition stages on Saturday, January 5 at 8PM.

While Jennifer and Olly are both back alongside Sir Tom Jones and there is one change this year.

For the first time, The Voice UK is welcoming trios to audition alongside duos and soloists.

Jennifer said of the change: “It makes the Blinds that much more fun and exciting and interesting. When you hear one voice you think ‘hmm…I wonder if they’re older or younger, I wonder if it’s a male or a female’ kind of thing but now that we have trios it’s like ‘is there one voice, two or three?! Who is singing what?’

“Again it makes it that much more exciting and more to look forward to because there’s more to figure out. It’s like a little journey…”

The Voice 2019 begins at 8PM Saturday night on ITV.